Hello! We are the Comfortfüsse family, offering a unique shoe experience with our anatomical cork insoles. This journey has been shaped by our family's shared passion and expertise.


Our father, an expert in producing various products with natural materials such as rubber and cork, made the decision to produce sustainable and comfortable shoe insoles using his knowledge. Both my brother and I, leaving behind corporate lives in export and engineering, were fascinated by the result and embarked on the journey to develop our own brand.


It is at this point that the story of our cork-based natural products began. We decided to produce comfortable items using the unique properties of corks: breathability, flexibility, and being a sustainable material. To provide excellent support to your feet and offer natural comfort, we chose to combine these features with leather and natural wool.


At Comfortfüsse, we use natural materials in all our models and focus on traditional craftsmanship in our production process.


We not only prioritize foot health but also strive to maintain the balance of nature. With each step you take, we carefully work to ensure that you enjoy making an environmentally friendly and ethical choice.


We take great pride in producing our brand not only in Turkey but also making it available in the global market. In this era of rapidly changing fashion and technology, we continue to pursue constant development and innovation. We grow with the energy of our mother, remembering her contributions and marketing ideas to the development of our brand.


At Comfortfüsse, we are here not only for your feet but also to comfort your hearts. Thank you for joining our family; welcome!




When producing our products, we choose only the highest quality raw materials from nature. Staying true to high-quality standards, COMFORTFÜSSE promises customers a unique comfort experience and long-lasting use. We take pride in producing our products in Turkey and selling them globally.




Embracing a production philosophy that values craftsmanship, COMFORTFÜSSE shapes each product like a work of art. Every handmade item is specifically crafted for durability and long-lasting use. We take pride in offering our customers a touch of individuality with our handmade products.




Sustainability for us is not just a business model; it is a way of life. COMFORTFÜSSE is proud to maintain our commitment to preserving nature and leaving a clean environment for future generations. We take steps together to build a greener future.




COMFORTFÜSSE processes special cork insoles in-house. The cork insoles conform to the shape of the user's foot, providing high comfort, reducing joint stress in the ankles, and preventing foot conditions. The material's natural flexibility reduces impact forces, offering a better quality of life. Our products are defined by high comfort performance, lightness, excellent insulation, and hypoallergenic properties.




When selecting leathers used in COMFORTFÜSSE products, we collaborate with leading leather producers holding world-standard certifications. This collaboration is essential to promise our customers the highest level of quality, durability, and sustainability.




We customize our products using wool imported from world-renowned wool producers. While 75% of the wool is genuine, the remaining 25% is supported with polyester to achieve an optimal balance. This combination ensures that our products are warm, comfortable, and durable.